Advanced Skills Workshop - Ropes That Rescue

Advanced Skills Rescue - RTR

Advanced Skills Rescue - RTR

The Advanced Skills Rescue Workshop is held only one time during any given year and is a seven day seminar dealing with the remaining "10% Solution". This rigorous course "for wizards" applies some aspects of the TSRW yet goes well beyond these both in intensity of rigging, and application of physical principles. The course begins abruptly with an impromptu field exercise to assess existing skill level within the "team". Emphasis is placed on low tech solutions to rescue scenarios before heading into technical solutions in the form of highlines. The seminar then explores all the available possibilities for setting up a horizontal, sloping or steep highline for removing, transporting or inserting rescuers or a patient.


The main event of the eight day ASRW seminar is an extreme highline of over 600' station-to-station high above the valley floor treetops. The ASRW also explores all aspects of advanced rigging including fall factors (ideal and practical), and reviews the belay drop test data more acutely than previous courses. The ASRW is rigging intensive!


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