The Patented Magnapulleys offer a revolution in equipment flexibility, providing a Double Sheave Pulley that splits apart into two Single Sheave Pulleys.
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Two sets provide the operator 2 Doubles, 1 Double and 2 Singles, or 4 Singles, drastically reducing the hardware necessary for work and rescue rope systems. This flexibility is a great advantage to small teams or teams who have to travel or climb a great distance to their work site (Mountain Rescue, Military/Tactical, Work at Height, Arborist, Etc.) and need to strip down their kit to the minimum.

Two Magnapulleys (and the appropriate auxiliary equipment) are all that is needed to construct 1x1, 2x1, 3x1 Z, 3x1 B&T, 4x1 B&T, 5x1 B&T, 6x1 Tripod Pass Through, and 9x1 Mechanical Advantage systems.

Held together by four ultra strong Neodymium Magnets embedded in the back plate, the Magnapulleys make a clean set of Double Pulleys.

When split apart for use as a Single Pulley, the top carabiner attachment point has material built up and beveled out to assist with centering the Pulley on the carabiner for single line loads.

The magnetic characteristics provide the added advantage of attracting to metal, a benefit for hands free manipulation on antenna towers, maritime access missions, etc. Machined and Stamped from 7075 Aluminum, the Magnapulleys are exceedingly strong for their compact size. 


The Magnapulleys are proudly manufactured in the USA, and due to high demand, lead times will vary.


  • CE and UKCA-certified. Declaration of Conformity: EU, UKCA
  • Tested to and exceeds the NFPA Standard 1983 (2017 ed) for Technical use. *Not NFPA Certified*
  • Available with and without a Becket
  • Max Rope Diameter: 1/2", 12.5mm
  • Sheave Diameter at Center: 1"
  • Double Pulley 3 Sigma Strength Rating: 40kN
  • Single Pulley 3 Sigma Strength Rating: 28kN
  • Weight: 8oz
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