Don’t Miss the Personal Skills Rescue Workshop

Don’t Miss the Personal Skills Rescue Workshop

Save your spot now for: April, June and September 2018!

Join Us for a Fun, Informative and Valuable Class to learn proper

Rope Rescue Techniques

The Personal Skills Rescue Workshop (PSRW) is a 7-day course with no prerequisite required, although should not be mistaken for a beginner program.  The PSRW is for those that can’t get enough time over the edge or on the ropes and is designed for the serious rope rescuer wanting to improve their personal rope rigging skills.  

This class is sponsored by Ropes that Rescue (RTR), a comprehensive rope access consulting firm and comprehensive rope rigging school like no other.  RTR provides Rope Access Training courses in a small class setting for intensive one-on-one training at surprisingly low costs!

What People Say about the PSRW:

Physics and Safety in the Vertical Realm: This class is considered by previous students to be the most interactive and enjoyable.  The PSRW begins with simple, yet valuable, lessons on physics and safety in the vertical realm.  Then the fun begins with multiple rope stations to keep practitioners busy all day.

What You Will Learn in the PSRW:

This course sets the standard for technical rope rescue training and is an NFPA requirement for anyone who is part of a rope rescue team. It builds on high angle skills learned in Technical Rope Rescue applications.  

  • Valuable, yet simple definitions for belays, self belays, conditional belays and conditional self belays and how these differ in their engineering.  

  • Proper orientation on personally carried gear such as ascenders and descenders, self belay devices, Purcell prusiks, the all valuable AZTEK kit and other items essential to safety in the vertical realm

We move into practical and fun-filled days where multiple one-on-one rope stations keep the practitioner busy throughout the day.

What’s Included in Class:

  • Personal Knotcraft Skills:

    • Students learn the difference and the risks associated with the various types of belays including belays, self-belays, conditional belays and conditional self-belays  

    • Very strong emphasis is on knotcraft as students are tested throughout the course on their ability to tie under pressure and proficiency in knotcraft, which is required to SAVE LIVES IN URGENT SITUATIONS!

  • Find the Patient in the Wilderness:

    • On the final day of the PSRW, students will work together as a team to discover, medically treat, package and extricate a patient hidden in a secret location in the wilderness.

The PSRW provides rope access technicians valuable training that saves lives, in the form of a fun and engaging class.  Learn all this and much more when you join us April 13th through the 19th in Maryland.

Get ready for some intense training in the form of a fun and enjoyable class, where you will work as a team to perfect your personal rope rescue skills.  

Sign up for the Personal Skills Rescue Workshop and let AHS Rescue help to make sure you have all necessary equipment for this rope rescue class.

Equipment Needed

AHS Rescue supplies all brands and models of rope rescue equipment for classes held by Ropes That Rescue:  If you do not own the following items already, we suggest purchasing the following:

When you need Rope Rescue or Rope Access Training courses and the equipment used by professionals in the industry, proven to save lives, contact AHS Rescue for answers to all your rope rescue equipment and training needs. Our 24/7 web store partners with Ropes That Rescue to ensure that you are well equipped for all classes.  

AHS Rescue is a leading provider of rope rescue equipment and training, recognized in the industry for our in-depth knowledge and expertise in all rope rescue and rope access applications.  Contact us today to learn more about these exciting, fun and valuable rope rescue training courses.