Tonto Rim SAR Reflects on a Dark Situation

Tonto Rim SAR uses new tool to "see" in the dark.

As a rescue technician, I can tell you firsthand how challenging rescue work is. And after dark rescues get even more challenging, raising the bar by not only being able to read the steepness of terrain, but the depth of a slot canyon you’re about to rappel into.

When Tonto SAR was call out to do a technical water rescue in the dark, they found themselves double checking their equipment and taking inventory of their skill sets. Game day had come and it was dark, challenging and cold.

The Tonto SAR team works hard by training routinely and making sure they are giving their rescue techs the tools they need to be successful for any operation. One such tool was a rope that was equipped with a reflective tracer making it easier to see at night. When the odds are against you and you’re called into action in the dark, you can find the little things make a huge difference.

We know our vision is greatly impaired after dark, so when Tonto SAR came to us a couple of years and explained the challenge they had with not being able to see rope over a distance, we were able to help them with a rope that had reflective properties that was also certified for rescue…the 7/16” Sterling HTP with Reflective tracer, MBS 6856 lbs, NFPA T rated, ANSI Z133. They were able to pull off this night time rescue operations with the confidence of knowing where their rope was with a glance of a light.

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Video courtesy of Tonto Rim Search and Rescue.