Bridger™ Shoulder Line Gun Kit in Pelican Case & Accessories

Bridger Shoulder Line Gun Kit in Pelican Case & Accessories




3:1 Dual Wall (Adhesive Lined) Heat Shrink Tubing

Bridger Shoulder Line Gun Kit in Pelican Case & Accessories

The Bridger™ Shoulder Line Gun is a custom made 45/70 caliber gun capable of throwing a line from 300’ to 800’ or more, subject to line weight, projectile used, cartridge load, and wind conditions. Greater distances can be achieved in some circumstances. Made in the USA.

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U.S. Coast Guard approval #160.031/6/3
Shipping Dimensions: 31.5" L X 20.5" W X 12.5" H
Shipping Weight: 49 lbs

Included in Pelican Case Kit:

  • 1 Bridger™ Shoulder Line Gun with Aero metal line canister
  • 1 Pelican™ carrying case - Model 1650 (wheels & handles, waterproof w/ lifetime warranty)*
  • 10 Solid brass projectiles*
  • 4 x 700’ Nylon shot lines (2 tan & 2 orange)*, 140 lb test each
  • 3 Rewinding spindles
  • 25 Heavy Load Blank cartridges (Optional upgrade: Replace 25 heavy load blanks with 50 Heavy Load Blank cartridges; includes plastic carrying case w/handle and flip-top. Cost: $50.00)
  • 1 Can gun oil
  • 1 Bottle cleaning solvent
  • 1 Cleaning rod
  • 1 Wire brush
  • 1 Package patches
  • 1 Set Plastic instructions
  • 1 Safety glasses
  • 1 Ear plugs
  • 1 Gun lock

*Custom fit foam for Pelican case has space for 2 additional shot lines, Bore Snake for fast field cleaning, long-range projectiles, float projectiles, or other items you might desire.

Warning: Do Not Remove line canister; line gun is considered an illegal weapon without canister! 

Line Gun Purchase must be made through Federal Firearms License dealer.

Bridger™ Model C.G. 85 Line Throwing Gun


Standard Projectile (BP01)




Braided Spectra


600’ or 780’

Braided Nylon


950’ or 1250’

Braided Nylon

Shooting Distance with

Heavy Load Blank Cartridges

(Item #HL50, HL25 or HL20)

470’ – 570’

450’ – 550’

600’ – 750’

Shooting Distance with

Light Load Blank Cartridges

(Item #LL20)

390’ – 440’

375’ – 425’

450’ – 550’

Shooting Distance with

Extra Light Load Blanks

(Item #XLTL20)

250’ – 325’

225’ – 300’

300’ – 400’


The above distances are based on shooting a standard projectile (BP01) according to the instructions provided with your line throwing gun kit and Bridger supplies manufactured by Naval Company Inc.  Shooting downhill or with a strong tailwind can significantly increase distance and shooting uphill will reduce distance, possibly greater than the ranges shown above; each situation is unique.  If you are shooting down a steep hill or with an extremely strong tailwind, we recommend defaulting to a longer length line.  Always consider variations such as wind, shooting angle of gun, elevation of final destination, and so forth. 

The above chart should only be used as a general guide.  Read ALL instructions provided with your Bridger line gun kit before shooting.  If your instructions or owner’s manual are missing, e-mail your line gun serial number, name and complete company contact information to and request new instructions.  We also recommend you visit annually for updates.

Revised 04-15-10

Copyright© NAVAL COMPANY, INC. 2008-2011:  To be used only by owners or users of the Bridger™ line throwing gun.  Reproduction for any other use is prohibited. 

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