Camp ARES Helmet

Camp ARES Helmet

CAMP Skylor Plus Helmet

The most robust helmet in our range. The entire shell is manufactured from high-thickness ABS.

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Special slots allow for the seamless integration of ear protection and face visor. Equipped with four clips for attaching a headlamp. The padding is detachable so it can be washed or replaced. Turn dial adjustment provides a secure and precise t in seconds.

Equipped with emergency release chin strap. Available in 5 colors. One size fits all.



  • EN 397 + lateral deformation (LD), electrical insulation (440 V a.c.), very low temperature (-20°C), molten metal splash (MM).

Chin strap buckle with emergency release at a load between 15 and 25 kg.

Weight: 495 g, 17.5 oz

SKU: 0209

Size (cm): 55-62

Color(s): Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Black

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