Confined Space Entry & Stand-by - ARC

Confined Space Entry & Stand-by - ARC

Confined Space Entry & Stand-by - ARC

American Rescue Concepts has a complete cache of confined space rescue equipment to use for making entries into confined spaces and/or deploying for rescue stand-by for your employees. Our extensive equipment cache is certified annually and packaged to travel around the globe.

ARC will  provide confined space rescue stand-by compliant with OSHA 1910.146 (K). ARC has the experience, manpower, and equipment to assure your companies compliance with the law. We begin each job by completing a preplan and safety analysis of your job site. This analysis is used as a safety tool by the ARC team in preparation for your employees confined space entry . 

American rescue concepts will identify the spaces to be entered, atmospheric, electrical, or mechanical hazards, evaluate ventilation and prepare for rescue entry. ARC relies on two respiratory systems, SCBA or supplied air respirator. Standby crews will continuously monitor the confined space atmosphere using pump driven four gas monitors. Lock out tag out, blanking/blinding and ventilation needs will be addressed. Communication is often the key to safety, ARC has three Communications Systems to choose from, hard-line communication, portable radios, and face peace intercoms. 

With regard to the possible hazards a water supply will be identified and a decon shelter will be deployed as needed. Tripods, rope rescue packages and patient packaging equipment will be selected according to the confined space configuration. All team members will stand by ready to enter with class III harnesses and the appropriate personal protective equipment.

Why should your company rent, lease or purchase expensive respiratory and rescue equipment, Let our team of professionals take care of your rescue needs. Safety first, make it last!

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