Confined Space Rescue Training - ARC

Confined Space Rescue Training - ARC

Confined Space Rescue Training - ARC

ARC provides three levels of Confined Space Training: Awareness, Operational and Technician.

Awareness level is designed to provide the student with a general knowledge of confined spaces and the ability to identify permit required confined spaces, recognize hazards and keep themselves safe. Awareness training is a didactic lecture and requires four (4) hours.

Operation level training will expand on awareness training and include procedures that will help mitigate emergencies by non-entry means. Operations level training requires a minimum eight (8) hours.

Technician level training is a technical, hands on class that cover OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146, permit required confined space standard. Beginning with history of confined spaces, pre-planning, procedures, confined space permit, hazards of confined spaces, decontamination, and confined space rescue and equipment, both non-entry and entry.  Technician level, requires twenty four (24) hours of training as a minimum.  This class can be designed to meet your needs or requirements.

ARC teaching methodology is state of the art and designed specifically for adult learners.  The classroom didactic includes, interactive lecture, up to date power points and testing.  A skills checklist is provided for every student.

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