Rescue Equipment Suppliers


AHS Rescue is a leader among rescue equipment suppliers, providing valuable experience, certified rescue training and the best professional gear in the industry. AHS Rescue is recognized as an expert in the field, often called upon for our in-depth knowledge of safety and rescue equipment. We assist commercial, industrial and government agencies to stay safe in the line of duty when their job entails rope access or rope rescue techniques.

Rope access techniques and proper training are vital to industrial workers constructing or servicing bridges, towers and dams, and any other work at height environment. Rope rescue techniques are critical to (SAR) search and rescue teams to safely retrieve patients from rugged terrain and dangerous environments. AHS Rescue is an experienced consultant to all individuals that require fall protection, and high angle rope rescue skills, providing critical training and reliable equipment that lives depend on.

Rescue Equipment Supplies for any Environment

AHS Rescue provides all required equipment for certified training courses, in addition to critical equipment required for on-the-job safety during search and rescue endeavors. We carry a full line of fall protection harnesses, as well as professional rope equipment for rescues in high-angle, confined space and swiftwater which utilize ropes for rescue when in areas of water. All equipment meets either ANSI, NFPA and OSHA standards for safety, giving you peace of mind to focus on the tasks at hand.

When you need the best rescue equipment available, or training for rope rescue or rope access techniques, you need a full-service supplier that you can trust. AHS Rescue combines our experience, training and top-of-the-line equipment to ensure your absolute safety.

Experienced Rescue Equipment Supplier

The Arizona Hiking Shack has long been known for extensive knowledge in the field of rope rigging gear, servicing serious outdoor enthusiasts and technical rock climbers for more than 45 years. In 2002 this practical experience was expanded to service the needs of the professional rope access worker and rope rescue technician.

First responders and search and rescue teams rely upon AHS Rescue to provide certified training and equipment, but we go beyond what is required to provide extraordinary service by sharing our knowledge and experience. It is our in-depth knowledge and practical experience in the field that set us apart from all other rescue equipment suppliers.

Certified Rope Access and Rope Rescue Training

AHS Rescue partners with the best rope access and rope rescue training schools in the nation, including Ropes That Rescue, American Rescue Concepts (ARC), Abseilon USA and Sierra Rescue to provide basic, intermediate and advanced training in all areas of rope access, rope rescue, confined spaces and swiftwater rescue. AHS Rescue is endorsed by each training provider as the rescue equipment supplier of choice for all students enrolled in any rescue class.

We make it simple to match the proper equipment to the designated training course, providing all mandatory and optional equipment from a detailed, all-inclusive list. Contact AHS Rescue by completing the quick form on page, or by email here to schedule your training and discuss your equipment needs.

AHS Rescue is recognized as a leading supplier to rope access and rope rescue professionals who require safety in work at height environments. Contact us today to see the advantages AHS Rescue provides among rescue equipment suppliers.

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