SMC CrossOver Screw-lock Carabiner

SMC CrossOVer Screw-lock Carabiner

SMC CrossOver Tri-lock Carabiner

SMC CrossOver Tri-lock Carabiner

SMC CrossOVer Screw-lock Carabiner

The CrossOver gives you the best of everything without compromising performance, weight or strength.
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This is the ultimate carabiner series specifically designed to meet all your work environment safety needs. While on the job and while working at heights this is your best option for strength in an aluminum carabiner.

Featuring our new ergonomic single hand frame geometry which allows for easy single handed opening and placement. With more than a 1” gate clearance and three gate choices; Screw-lock, Dual-lock, and Tri-lock,  the CrossOver is the carabiner of choice.

SMC assures that all carabiners are 100% visually and physically inspected. It is SMC’s attention to detail and precision craftsmanship that guarantees you receive the highest level of quality, value and flawless performance insuring your carabiners are amongst the finest you can buy anywhere in the world.

Features and Benefits:

  • UL Certified to meet NFPA 1983 "G" General Use.
  • Enhanced frame design to allow for 1” gate opening.
  • New frame and gate design for single hand operation.
  • Three Gate Options (Screw-lock, Dual-lock & Tri-lock)
  • Light weight Design
  • Key Lock
  • Two Color Options, Blue or Black 
  • Made in the USA


  • Model #: NFPA205500 (Blue), NFPA205507 (Black)
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Finish: Anodized
  • Dimensions: 5.53" x 3.35"
  • Gate opening: 1”
  • Weight: 5.1 oz (145g)
  • 3 Sigma test:
    • Major axis– 40kN (8,992 lbf)
    • Minor axis– 16kN (3,600 lbf)
    • Gate open– 18kN (4,046 lbf)
  • NFPA 2500 (1983) 2022 ED Certified
  • Made In USA
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