Spyder - 75150 - 1/2

Spyder 75150 Prusik w/ HMS Carabiner

Phoenix 1

Spyder Phoenix 1 inch PRO Hand Pruner


Spyder 75148 Hip Prusik w/ Aluminum Snap Hook

Spyder 75150 Prusik w/ HMS Carabiner

Great for flipline adjustment or rope tensioning, Climb Right’s hip prusik features durable 3-strand rope and an HMS Carabiner for a quick and secure attachment.

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Hip Prusiks offer a significant advantage by allowing the lanyard to be lengthened while under tension.


  • Cordage: 3 strand twisted white polyester
  • Hardware: Auto-locking aluminum HMS carabiner
  • 1/2" x 20"
  • SKU: 75150
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