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Structural Tower Rescue - RTR

Structural Tower Rescue - RTR

The Structural Tower Rescue Workshop is an in-depth, hands-on course, emphasizing structural rescue from the ground up. The techniques used in this program are closely aligned with mountain rescue where similar bottom up procedures are used on stranded climbers above the rescue team's arriving location. Most rope rescues (>95%) are top down in nature due to the fact that the rescue team is able to easily gain access to a position above the victim's location to perform the rescue.

The STRW addresses these important distinctions early on with both structure-based and ground-based rescue techniques, provides in-depth orientation on lattice steel and monopole radio and power transmission tower construction, climbing techniques and hazards, all for the emergency responder. This is the first and only seminar carefully delineating the many hazards associated with energized power transmission lines for fire fighters. 99% of all above ground towers in the US are electrical power transmission lines.

Before the rescue section begins, students learn several ways of safely climbing not only towers but structures such as bridges using time-tested climbing methods, rest positions, and tips for route strategy. Many of these techniques are used today by seasoned workmen who work on towers and structures as part of their daily employment. All climbing is taught with first-up fall protection and established self belay lines for all subsequent climbers on the tower. This rigorous workshop teaches rescue of uninjured, ill, slightly injured or injured workers or unauthorized climbers on lattice steel and monopole structures up to 40m (125'). The seven-day seminar is designed for emergency responders only and is not recommended for tower workers and linemen.


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