Who We Are

Since 1972, the Arizona Hiking Shack, aka "The Shack", has been catering to the needs of the serious hiker, backpacker, river runner, climber, and mountaineer by providing the best equipment available and technical knowledge gained through years of practical experience in the field. Our reputation of extraordinary service and technical expertise led to strong relationships with many public safety agencies. Through them, Dale Stewart became closely associated with a movement of a few progressive and innovative professionals that believed their resources were capable of doing more to protect the public with respect to technical rescue. As an instructor and consultant Dale played an important role in helping these visionaries design and build their technical rescue assets into some of the best in the country.

Natural disasters and terrorist attacks over the last decade proved that the public is vulnerable and the emergency services they depend on across the country must be prepared. What was once a bold decision to develop and maintain a technical rescue element within a municipal fire department or law enforcement agency is now accepted as necessity. The need to service, train and equip these emergency services is greater and more important than ever. Also experiencing tremendous growth is commercial and industrial fall protection and work access for Arborists, utility Linemen, construction and confined space workers. With all this in mind Dale and Irene Stewart created an entity separate from the Arizona Hiking Shack to better serve this unique and growing market which they have had so much experience.

AHS RESCUE.com was created in 2002 to help our government and commercial customers find the best training and equipment at the best prices so that they can do their jobs safely and effectively.

Now, each with its own dedicated staff, the Arizona Hiking Shack serves the serious recreational outdoorsman and AHS RESCUE.com serves emergency services and those who make their living working at height.

AHS RESCUE.com - Training And Equipment That Lives Depend On.