American Rescue Concepts

It is the goal of American Rescue Concepts (ARC) LLC to provide our clients the highest quality education, training, and services in the rescue industry. ARC specializes in permit required confined spaces and rope access. ARC teaches to OSHA, EPA, NIOSH and NFPA standards. Our instructors are the finest, most experienced in the rescue industry. ARC has developed a national cadre of instructors that have dedicated their professional lives to rescue, safety and education. Every ARC instructor actually practices the discipline that they teach and comes from a carrier in the rescue and or hazardous materials services.

Confined Spaces Entry & Stand-by

American Rescue Concepts LLC, will provide OSHA compliant confined space entries to perform work or rescue. ARC specializes in confined space rescue stand-by. Our techniques and procedures promote safety, minimize business interruption and ensure process flow as well increase public image. ARC has a complete confined space equipment cache, certified annually. ARC can provide your organization three levels of confined space training, Awareness, Operational, and Technician.

Confined Spaces Entry Training

American Rescue Concepts (ARC) Confined Space Entry Class ensures students understand OSHA's requirement for confines space in construction and hazard recognition, to include Employee and Employer responsibilities. Their understanding of the roles for confined space entry employees, training requirements, preplanning, safe work activities, and identifying different types of confined spaced in the Construction Industry are highlighted.

Confined Spaces Rescue Training

ARC can provide your organization three levels of confined space training, Awareness, Operational, and Technician. Our method of teaching is targeted towards adult learners, is interactive and will be documented with pre and post testing, skill check off sheets and certificate upon completion.

Rope Access

Access can sometimes be problematic. ARC has the ability to cope with difficult to access areas. Our team members are state certified rope rescue technicians. ARC provides training and certification in rope rescue, including artificial high directional’s, and off sets used in industry. ARC has a complete equipment cache that is state of the art including: Arizona Vortex, Yates Spec Pack rescue device, and more