Fall Protection Training

Fall Protection Training

AHS Rescue leads the industry in fall protection ensuring the safety of those working at height or in confined spaces with fall protection training.   We are often called upon for consultation on the best equipment and training required for professional applications of rope access (stock: please link this to new rope access training pagee!!), including those working at height on cell or utility towers, fire and police departments and search and rescue teams.  

AHS Rescue partners with Ropes That Rescue to offer two comprehensive courses with the Industrial Rescue Workshop, or the Structural Tower Rescue Workshop.  Industrial Rescue focuses on both top down and bottom up rescue scenarios with more emphasis on top down rescue, while the Structural Tower Workshop concentrates on structural rescue from the ground up.    These are only two out of eleven classes offered by Ropes That Rescue that incorporated fall protection training.  Confined Spaces training is available in various levels as it is important for industrial workers to be aware of, identify and maneuver safely in confined spaces.  

Industrial and Structural Tower Rescue Workshop for Fall Protection

  • Industrial Rescue Workshop - The Industrial Rescue Workshop (IRW) is a hands-on fall protection training course with emphasis on structural rescue from difficult and challenging locations that may occur in an above ground tower environment.  This course is unique in providing training for both top down and bottom up rescue, addressing important distinctions between the two.  Students will learn effective ways of climbing onto a structure safely with proven climbing methods and tips for strategizing your route and rest positions.  
  • Structural Tower Rescue Workshop - The techniques learned in the Structural Tower Rescue Workshop (STRW) emphasize tower and structural rescue from the ground up.  In approximately 95% of structural rescue cases, the rescuer can gain access to the victim’s location with top down rope rescue methods, although effective ground up rescue is vital in structural tower rescue cases.  With 99% of all above ground towers in the United States carrying electrical power transmission lines, there is only one chance to get it right with lives at stake.  

Students learn several ways to safely climb towers and bridges, with established fall protection training methods including proper techniques with self-belay lines for all subsequent climbers on the tower.

Confined Spaces Training Workshop

Confined Spaces Training - Provided by our training partner, American Rescue Concepts (ARC), Confined Space Rescue Training provides various levels of confined space training geared towards awareness, operational or technician.  Awareness training provides students with basic knowledge of confined spaces and methods to identify hazards and how to stay safe.  Operation training expands to include procedures to mitigate emergencies by non-entry means.  Technician level of confined space training is a hands-on, technical course covering OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146, for permit required confined spaces.

AHS Provides Fall Protection Training Equipment

You can purchase all your mandatory and optional equipment for Ropes that Rescue IRW and STRW fall protection training courses from AHS Rescue.  A detailed list of required equipment for both classes is available from AHS Rescue, a trusted supplier of high quality fall protection equipment that lives depend on.

Each attendee will need an Aztek Elite Kit which is a rope access tool initially designed by Ropes that Rescue to enable the rescuer greater versatility for personal mechanical advantage.  Also required is a Full Body Class III Rescue Harness such as the Yates Basic Rope Access Harness, Petzl AVAO BOD Fast International Version, or CMC Lifesaver Victim Harness adapted for rope access.  

Additional required equipment includes an adjustable positioning lanyard, industrial descender, boots, safety glasses, rappel  gloves, and many other mandatory and optional items.

Contact AHS Rescue by completing this quick form, or by email here for detailed information on the proper version of all required equipment and to sign up for your Industrial Rescue Workshop or Structural Tower Rescue Workshop training course.  Our in-depth knowledge and experience allows us to offer the best safety and rescue equipment along with the proper training for all rescue situations including fall protection training.  

AHS Rescue is recognized as a leading supplier to rope access and rope rescue professionals who require safety in work at height environments. Shop with us to see the advantages AHS Rescue provides among rescue equipment suppliers for industrial tower rescue and confined access training classes.

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