Rope Rescue Equipment

Rope Rescue Equipment from AHS Rescue

AHS Rescue sets the industry standard with top of the line rope rescue equipment, providing only the highest in quality for trained safety and rescue personnel. AHS Rescue is a leader among search and rescue equipment suppliers  throughout Arizona and the U.S., combining years of experience with seasoned advice and training to ensure the safety of rescue teams and the victims they are rescuing.

Emergency responders must be prepared at a moment’s notice, with reliable rescue equipment they trust and depend upon. AHS Rescue specializes in providing safety equipment and product education and training for all types of rescue teams who are in need of quality technical rescue equipment. AHS Rescue fills the need to train and equip emergency service personnel who must have absolute confidence in the high quality of rope rescue equipment.  

Technical Rescue Equipment for Trained Professionals

AHS Rescue offers rescue rope, cords, webbing and straps in varying grades and styles used as lifelines, ladder lines and various rope rescue equipment used with confined spaces, water and fire rescue. Our top of the line technical rescue equipment is the best in the industry, including the following:

  • CMC Rescue Pick-Off Strap – This pick-off strap allows the rescuer to connect quickly to the victim then adjust the strap which works well when positioning the victim for a rappel based pick-off, assisted rappel or a lowering. &nbsp<
  • Petzl Grillon - This adjustable positioning lanyard allows you to get comfortable in two positions.  You can attach the to side positioning loops on the harness, or to the central chest D-ring to hang vertically.  The Petzl Grillon positioning lanyard must always be used with a fall arrest system. Tower climbers performing work on broadcasting towers, cellular tower technicians and wind energy employees use the Petzl Grillon for smooth adjustments making their work at height easier and more comfortable.   
  • Petzl ASAP ‘Sorber - The ASAP’Sorber Lanyard with energy absorber connects to the ASAP LOCK or ASAP mobile fall arrester allowing the user to work from a distance in certain work phases.  The ASAP’Sorber features an energy tearing absorber designed to protect against abrasion, and is available in 20cm and 40cm for the best choice in balancing the distancing from the rope while reducing fall length.  
  • Sterling Nylon / HTP Rope - HTP Static rope is widely utilized in rope access, rescue and tactical applications.  The many benefits of this polyester material include solid resistance to water, Ultraviolet radiation, chemicals and abrasion providing strength and reliability.
  • CMC Rescue Arizona Vortex - The leader of portable Artificial High Directionals (AHDs), the Arizona Vortex (AZV) can be set up as a monopod, bipod or tripod in one all-inclusive kit.  The AZV features a two-piece head that can be set up as an A-frame, gin pole, sideways A-frame or many other configurations.  The AZV has additional attachment points that assist rope access when several lines might be required over the edge.
  • Petzl I’D – This self-braking descender features an anti-panic function that activates if the user pulls too hard on the handle, and an anti-error catch that reduces the chance of an accident.  The I’D allows for more descent control, easier movement on either inclined or horizontal terrain, and easier work station positioning without the need to tie off the device.

Rescue Equipment Suppliers for Rescue Teams

This is just a sample of the wide variety of technical rescue equipment offered by AHS Rescue, a leader in Arizona and the U.S. among search and rescue equipment suppliers for trained professionals. We are a chosen supplier by many rescue teams including Arizona Public Service (APS) Power Utility, Phoenix Fire and Police Departments, Tower Safety & Instruction, Central Arizona Mountain Rescue and Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.  

When working from extreme heights or in confined spaces, you need reliable rope rescue equipment that you trust with your life. AHS Rescue has a large inventory and the best in class rope rescue equipment to provide peace of mind.

AHS Rescue is recognized as a leading supplier to rescue professionals who put their lives at risk in the line of duty.  Search and Rescue teams, fire rescue teams and all rescue professionals rely upon AHS Rescue for trusted products lives depend upon. Contact us today by email or complete the form below for the most advanced technical and rope rescue equipment in the industry.  

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