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AHS Rescue is well known for our expertise and extraordinary service in the field of rope rescue training conducted with the best equipment in the industry.  For more than 15 years, we have been a valued supplier to commercial and government entities with technical rescue training and the most recognized names in rigging and SAR equipment.  We provide equipment that lives depend on.   

Through our partners, Ropes That Rescue, we provide comprehensive hands-on technical rope rescue training from instructors that are practicing these techniques in the field.  Students benefit from this practical experience, and instructors gain from courses designed to “train the trainer”.  

This partnership allows us to provide the most effective technical rope training, with high performance yet affordable equipment.


Rope Rescue Training Workshops

AHS Rescue provides eleven courses covering rope rescue and rope access technician training from one of the nation’s leaders in the field.  To experience the majority of all potential situations, there are three courses that stand out as comprehensive in nature and complement each other nicely.  The Personal Skills Rescue Workshop (PSRW) along with the Team Skills Rescue Workshop (TSRW) will teach you 90% of techniques performed in the wilderness and industrial locations.   

The remaining 10% can be learned from the Advanced Skills Rescue Workshop (ASRW), which is a rigorous course that builds upon the first two.  You will enjoy jumping right in with a field exercise designed to assess the skill level of all team (class) members.   

  • PSRW – While physically demanding with on rope time, this class is often referred to as one of the most enjoyable and interactive courses.  The 7-day PSRW covers rebelays, passing knots with added emphasis on knot skills, rope to rope transfers, and problem-solving skills.  Important definitions are explained in detail and the student will become familiar with all gear including ascenders, descenders, belays and self-belay devices.  
    Use in conjunction with TSRW to encompass 90% of most rope rescues within industrial professions and wilderness locations.
  • TSRW – This workshop reviews learned practices from the PSRW, although taking the PSRW first is not mandatory.  The 7-day TSRW course dives into more demanding situations and emphasizes team building skills.  Lessons focusing on the role of intermediate physics in rope rigging are spread throughout the course while students learn complex solutions to reaching, treating and extricating a victim from a high angle situation either in the wilderness or industrial locations.   In the TSRW students will also learn “offsets” techniques that employ basic high angle techniques as an alternative to the more elaborate highline systems.
  • ASRW – This 7-day course is held only once per year, and complements the remaining 10% of rope rescue training covered in the first 2 courses.  This is a rigorous course beginning with a field assessment, covering basic scenarios then focusing on technical rescue training solutions using highlines.  Students will learn various scenarios for setting up sloping, horizontal or steep highline when transporting or extricating patients.  


AHS Rescue Provides Technical Rope Rescue Equipment

All mandatory and optional technical equipment may be purchased directly from AHS Rescue when you set up your training course.  Contact us, or see here for a detailed list of recommended equipment which includes the AES Aztek Elite Kit, 1 Full Body Rescue or Work Style harness such as the Yates Basic Rope Access Professional or the Petzl AVAO Bod Fast.  Also offered are all equipment necessary right down to your boots, helmet and first aid kit.  

AHS Rescue is an experienced supplier of superior rope rescue equipment .  Contact us today by email to purchase equipment, or use this form below to schedule your rope access training.  


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