Personal Skills Rescue - RTR

Personal Skills Rescue - RTR

Personal Skills Rescue - RTR

The Personal Skills Rescue Workshop is considered by many past students as our most enjoyable and interactive. There is no shortage of on rope fun at this seminar! The PSRW, and the Team Skills Rescue Workshop are the courses which fulfill the 90% solution on most rope rescues within industry and wilderness locations. It is designed for the serious rope rescue practitioner wishing to improve their personal rigging skill. This seminar is sometimes mistakenly perceived as a beginning program due to the personal nature of many of the evolutions. In fact, it is for those that never seem to get enough on rope experience or time over the edge. The PSRW begins with valuable, yet simple lessons on physics, safety in the vertical realm and then moves into practical and fun-filled days where multiple rope stations keep the practitioner busy throughout the day. The final day of the seminar involves the discovery, medical treatment, packaging and extrication of a patient planted in a secret location in the wilderness.

Students in the PSRW practice their skills and learn to work together as a team in successful retrieval of this patient in a non-threatening environment. The PSRW goes well into often overlooked personal skills that are taken for granted on most rescue teams. Students also learn the classic differences (in risk) associated with belays, self belays, conditional belays and conditional self belays.

Warning: There is a very very strong emphasis on knotcraft in this seminar! Students are tested throughout the program for proficiency and the ability to tie under pressure. All in fun, of course!


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