Confined Space Rescue Equipment & Training

Confined Space Rescue Equipment

AHS Rescue supplies industrial technicians with necessary equipment to remain safe in confined work areas with certified confined space rescue equipment. We partner with American Rescue Concepts (ARC) to provide Confined Space Rescue Training at various levels of experience geared towards awareness, operational or technician.

Awareness training is a 4-hour course providing general knowledge of confined spaces to students, along with how to stay safe when identifying hazards.  Operational level of training requires 8 hours, and expands upon awareness training to include methods for mitigating emergencies with non-entry means.   

Technician level of confined space training requires a minimum of 24 hours, and can be tailored to your specific requirements.  This is a hands-on course teaching students pre-planning procedures, hazards, decontamination, how to properly use confined space rescue equipment, and much more.  

Contact AHS Rescue to learn more about confined space training, and to purchase all required confined space equipment.

Confined Space Equipment Supplier

AHS Rescue carries all required confined space equipment, compliant to all certified training courses and providing absolute on-the-job safety.   

  • CMC Arizona Vortex - The Arizona Vortex is a superior artificial high directional (AHD) that can be set up as a tripod, bipod, monopod (gin pole), A-frame and sideways.  The AZV Vortex is one of the most highly sought-after items in confined space rescue equipment, providing versatility with superior performance.
  • Confined Space Disaster Response Litter – This medium duty litter was designed for versatility and durability with tubular rails running the length of the litter and along the bottom.  This unique rail structure provides a strong, durable base less susceptible to damage than baskets that use a flat bar.  This powder coated steel litter is a cost-effective alternative to a heavier duty stainless steel model, available in a narrow model ideal for confined space rescue operations.
  • Low-Angle Litter Harness – Use in conjunction with the confined space disaster response litter for an effective confined space rescue.  This CMC harness attaches to the outer side of the litter providing improved stability over connecting carabiners to the railing directly.  The center strap delivers an adjustable backup attaching around the horizontal tubing in the head section, while two outside straps attach just below the crossbar on the sides.

AHS Rescue supplies these superior items for confined space rescue along with all mandatory and optional equipment required for training classes.  Our confined space rescue equipment is used worldwide by industrial professionals who must be prepared in a confined space environment.  

AHS Rescue is recognized as a leading supplier to commercial and industrial professionals who require rope access and restricted area safety and rescue gear.  Contact us today for the most advanced rescue training and equipment that lives depend on, including confined space rescue equipment.  

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