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Full Body Harness from AHS Rescue

AHS Rescue is a leader in the industry of safety and rescue equipment, providing only top of the line safety gear including a fall protection harness for professionals in the areas of rope access, general construction and fire rescue.  The Arizona Hiking Shack has long been known for specialty gear in the field of mountaineering and technical rock climbing, and in 2002 was expanded to form AHS Rescue in order fill the need for technical rescue equipment to first responders and search and rescue teams.  AHS Rescue also provides classes and workshops in Arizona and throughout the U.S. to help train professionals with fall protection training and education.

Our vast experience combined with a passion for providing absolute safety during dangerous situations ensures that you receive only the most reliable equipment that you can count on when you need it.  Quality gear and top workmanship of components are mandatory when your life depends upon the performance of your fall protection harness.

You can find our rescue equipment at use in various governmental and commercial professions that require working at height.  These environments include power utility tower workers, search and rescue teams including fire and police departments and anyone who makes their living working at extreme heights.  These work at height professionals located across Arizona and throughout the U.S. rely on equipment from AHS Rescue for reliable job safety.

Superior Harness Types Used by Fall Protection Experts

AHS Rescue offers more than a dozen types and styles of fall protection harnesses, including  Class III full body harnesses, rope rescue harnesses and rope access harnesses providing fall protection no matter the commercial, industrial or rescue operation.   Our safety harnesses are designed to perform in extreme conditions without compromising performance.

Class III Fall Protection Harness Types

  • Yates 387P Rope Access Professional Harness – The Yates 387P is a Full Body Harness made with modern lightweight aluminum D rings in the chest, dorsal and side connection positions.   The 387P is an enhanced version of the Yates 387 Basic Rope Access harness.
  • Petzl AVAO BOD Fast International Version– This Petzl full body harness is designed for maximum comfort in any situation, with X-shaped dorsal wraps reducing pressure in prolonged suspension situations.  This full body harness is conveniently equipped with several loops to attach tool bags and pouches.
  • CMC Rescue Lifesaver Victim Harness- Our Lifesaver Victim Harness attaches securely and quickly regardless of where or how the victim is positioned.  The colored web makes using this harness even easier.  

With our wide selection of various Class III rescue and fall protection harnesses we are sure to have the perfect harness for you.  See more of our superior harnesses from the fall protection experts.

AHS Rescue provides training on all equipment, exemplary customer service, and technical expertise that lives depend on.  Contact AHS Rescue.com for equipment and training you can trust when searching for the most reliable fall protection harness required in your professional environment.

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