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AHS Rescue is recognized as a leading expert in rope access classes, providing first rate certified training and equipment to commercial and government entities across the nation.  We partner with Ropes That Rescue, one of the most highly regarded rope access training schools in the nation, to offer eleven courses providing safety to anyone working at height, police and fire departments, and Search and Rescue (SAR) teams.  In addition, our valued training partner, Sierra Rescue, provides three levels of swift water training  for technicians in areas of water.

We offer the following rope rescue training classes specifically geared towards mountain and canyon SAR, swiftwater and offset highline training.  


Specialized Rope Rescue Classes & Search and Rescue Workshops

  • Mountain Rescue WorkshopThis course provides the basic mountain rescue techniques teaching students to access, stabilize and extricate patients in climbing accidents with focus on an accident site that can only be accessed from below.  Heavy emphasis is on knot craft, designing and building system anchors, passive and active rock climbing camming devices with strong emphasis on wilderness techniques where heavy equipment is not accessible.  Use of high directionals is covered in addition to training on the Arizona Vortex.   This class combined with the Canyon Rescue and Team Skills Rescue Workshops fulfill 90% of the rope rescue solutions encountered in the wilderness.

  • Canyon Rescue Workshop(CRW) –  This unique class is by invitation only with no tuition required, and is geared towards the serious search and rescue practitioner wishing to improve their own personal and team skills.  The CRW is a hands-on rope class set in Utah’s beautiful canyons, and is designed for various terrains, including the slot canyons common in the Southwestern United States.  Students will learn how to build complex arrangements as a team to reach, treat and extricate patients from a confined canyon environment.   Rope rigging involving high angle offsets and highlines are used in many solutions, but not all.  Emphasis is on using all basic gear carried by the team such as rope, carabiners, webbing, pulleys and accessory cord, to build your technical approach.  Extensive focus on using the Arizona Vortex artificial high directional is also covered in this class.

  • Offset Highline Rescue Workshop  (OHRW)– This course is specialized for rope access technicians and first responders for focusing on temporary rigging with elevated rope tracking elements.  This workshop is conducted in the Granite Dells of Prescott, AZ, beginning with simple lessons on physics related to ropes used above the ground and under tension.  The OHRW gives students the groundwork for elevated transporting systems, and the distinctions between offsets and highlines.   This course is not only for rescue personnel as it is also a valuable rope access course. 

  • Swiftwater Rescue Training -  There are three swiftwater rescue courses offered by Sierra Rescue to meet the requirements of NFPA 1670 and NFPA 1006 which detail the standards for qualified rescue technicians in the area of water. These courses are beneficial to Fire departments, Search and Rescue teams, all branches of the Military, River Guides, Biologists, Hydrologists and even the recreational boater.  Contact AHS Rescue to learn more about this and any rope rescue classes.  


AHS Rescue Is a Chosen Equipment Supplier for Specialized Rope Rescue Classes

All required rope access or rescue equipment may be purchased directly from  AHS Rescue to ensure complete compliance to all rope training schools.  Students will need an AES Aztek Elite Kit, Black Diamond ATC-Guide Belay/Rappel Device, Black Diamond Rocklock Carabiner, Petzl Ascension Ascender, seat and chest harness and many more items for the MRW, CRW, and OHRW courses which are all available at AHS Rescue.  You can also purchase your swiftwater rescue gear which includes much of the same equipment, as rope rescue in the water falls under swiftwater rescue training.

AHS Rescue is a valued supplier to search and rescue teams across the nation with superior training and reliable equipment that lives depend on.  Contact us by filling out the quick form, or by email today  to purchase your necessary equipment for all rope access classes.  


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