Petzl ASAP Lock (International Version)

Petzl ASAP Lock (International Version)


The AZTEK Elite Kit is a rope access tool box. The system end has two double pulleys designed to minimize the gain between them and still allowing up to 5:1 mechanical advantage. The personal end offers great protection for any technicians that approach an edge where falling is not an option.  

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The Aztek system was developed in Arizona based Ropes that Rescue Ltd rigging programs around the world. These, configured as "set-of-fours" (double blocks) will enable the rescue practitioner greater versatility in a personal mechanical advantage (PMA) for rescue and general rigging. The swivel Omni pulleys (blocks) are hewn from a solid block of high strength aluminum and are engineered with great pride to withstand over 8,000 lbs (36kN) of tensile force end to end. Sterling Rope Company has also designed sewn products for these pulleys including the 8mm restraint cord, rated at 4,270 lbs (19kN) and both ratchets in two colors, and shock absorber/restraint cords. The set of two blocks are different colors for ease of identification. Turn the set-of-fours one way and you have a 5:1 mechanical advantage. Turn it around and a 4:1 w/change of direction is the result, making this PMA extremely versatile. Also, the progress capture ratchet prusik can be attached at either end (orange to orange, or blue to blue). The progress capture prusiks are laced onto the restraint cord and then formed into a directional prusik hitch (3 on 2), which prevents the inadvertent loss of the prusic once assembled. One quick pin is sold with each set of blocks. Additional pins may be purchased if needed or if one wished to hold a spare in the opposite block.

Remember, simplicity and efficiency is the name of the game. Always, when possible, use gear that provides multiple uses. The AZTEK's double end exemplifies that theme. Out of one side of the double zippered pouch, the rescuer is provided immediate edge protection and from the other side of the same pouch, the rescuer/rigger can deploy this mini MA (SOFs) in a multiude of rigging applications, including hauling systems, tensioned back-ties, tensioned guying for artifical high directionals, dynamic brake racks, and dynamic directionals (approximately 8 feet when using the full 50' of cord (15M).

General Technical Information (not official - results may vary)

  • Slippage on ratchet prusik at approx 17-18kN
  • Slipped again @ 20kN and did not slip anymore
  • System failed at 40.42kN
  • 4" slippage of prusik
  • The pulley failed at the "becket" where the 8mm sewn eye attaches and also broke the pin. Ratchet was fused to 8mm Edge Restraint cord. The MBS on the 6mm ratchet is 12.9kN so we were getting close to the ratchet limit. It was great to see the system go to 40kN.

Kit Includes

  • 1 ea. Rock Exotica Omni AZTEK Elite blue pulley
  • 1 ea. Rock Exotica Omni AZTEK Elite orange pulley
  • 1 Sterling 8mm AZTEK cord with sewn eye
  • 1 Sterling AZTEK ratchets (one blue, one orange)
  • 1 Sterling AZTEK travel restrict
  • 1 Maillon Rapide screw link 7mm
  • 1 AZTEK Pro Bag
  • 1 Kong Tango


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