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Artificial High Directional - RTR

Artificial High Directional - RTR

Recognizing the need for advanced-level train-the-trainer instruction on the use of any "artificial high directional" (AHD) or high angle rescue system, RTR is now offering the 7 day ARTIFICIAL HIGH DIRECTIONAL WORKSHOP suitable for fire emergency and rope access professionals. From Reed Thorne, the co-designer of the Arizona Vortex, this AHDW is meant to assist the rope rescue instructor with information relative to the use of manufactured high directionals. This workshop would be suitable for ANY manufactured or improvised high directional (not including wood frame) including the Larkin Frame, SMC Terradaptor, or Ferno Aracnipod (students requesting training on these AHD are required to bring these devices with them to their program).

This program concentrates on constructed frames in general and is not intended to teach highlines, advanced pulley systems, or offsets (although some of these are touched upon). Physics, as it relates to high directionals, is covered in an extensive manual and several lectures. This high angle rescue course is a hands-on workshop on the use and correct implementation of artificial high directionals (AHD) for industry and wilderness settings. The AHDW is also well suited for teaching rope access professionals the benefits of constructed frames in their work.


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