Don’t Miss the New 2018 Artificial High Directional Workshop

Don’t Miss the New 2018 Artificial High Directional Workshop for High Angle Training

AHS Rescue is pleased to announce the 2018 Arizona Vortex Artificial High Directional Workshop from Ropes that Rescue, leaders in rope rescue and rope access safety training.  This 7-day, advanced level course will be held in Utah at Rock Exotica from April 6th through the 12th.  

Taught by none other than Reed Thorne, Senior Ropes that Rescue Instructor and co-developer of the Arizona Vortex, this is a hands-on train the trainer course for emergency responders and rope access professionals.  Reed Thorne, along with Rock Thompson, founder of Rock Exotica and owner of Rock Exotica, developed the Arizona Vortex together from years of trial and error.  Today, no other frame or tripod comes close to representing the essence of at-the-edge frames like the Arizona Vortex (AZV).

No other class provides the level of expertise with high angle training and high directionals like this one, taught by the actual developers of the AZV.  Rock Thompson will be giving a tour of the new Rock Exotica location in Utah.  This is a tour you don’t want to miss!  

Artificial High Directional Workshop (AHDW)

The AHDW is a hands-on training course that covers the correct use of artificial high directionals in industrial and wilderness settings.  The main focus of the AHDW is on constructed frames in general and the proper use of any manufactured high directional, specifically the Arizona Vortex, (AZV). Additional focus is on highlines, offsets and advanced pulley systems.  

The AHDW will provide extensive training on working with the AZV A frame setups, V frame, bipod, gin pole, tandem AHDs and many more setups.  Students will learn from the best in rope rescue training and equipment manufacturing, providing in-depth training on the physics associated with high directionals.  Extensive training time is devoted to knotcraft techniques for proper securing of the AZV in various setup positions, along with set up techniques for any artificial high directional or an improvised AHD.  

While there is no prerequisite required, the Personal Rescue Skills Workshop (PSRW) is recommended prior to the AHDW.   

Arizona Vortex High Directional

The Arizona Vortex was developed by Reed Thorne and Rock Thompson, and is manufactured by Rock’s company, Thompson Manufacturing, Inc. in Utah.  The state-of-the-art AZV is made from T-6 aluminum steel and is the most versatile artificial high directional in the industry.  

Rock Exotica also manufactures the AZORP, the Arizona Omni Rigging Pod that extends available rigging options on the AZV by adding nine connection points on each pod.  The AZORP can be used on inner or upper legs, as stand-alone rigging pieces, or as a connection point for the Gin Pole.  

While you are not required to have your own Arizona Vortex for the class, it is available from AHS Rescue.  The mandatory equipment for the AHDW is available to students attending the class at adjusted prices.

Required Equipment for Artificial High Directional Workshop

AHS Rescue is your one stop shop for class registration and equipment purchase, to ensure you are ready for this week-long course in April 2018.  Preparedness in emergency situations is a matter of life and death.  Speak with the rope rescue experts at AHS Rescue for total preparation and ask about the following equipment for high angle rescues.

High angle rescue equipment for purchase:

  • CMC Rescue Aztek ProSeries System – Includes 50 feet of Aztek ProSeries® 8mm cord made from high-performing nylon blend.  Versatile tool used worldwide by rescue technicians, the Aztek ProSeries system provides over 100 rigging solutions, and is UL classified, meeting NFPA1983 standards, 2012 Ed.
  • Carabiners – Manufactured by Rock Exotica for team or personal use, the RockD provides the highest strength in any standard sized aluminum frame.  Also available is the Black Diamond RockLock carabiner, which is the largest belay and rappel locker featuring a keylock nose with simple, one-hand operation.
  • Yates 387P Rope Access Professional Harness – students will be required to have a seat and chest harness such as the Yates 387P, which has lightweight aluminum D rings in the chest, side and dorsal connection positions.
  • Petzl AVAO BOD Fast – The Petzl is a full body harness designed for maximum comfort with X-shaped dorsal wraps.
  • Contact AHS Rescue for a complete list of all required equipment for the Artificial High Directional Workshop (ADHW) and speak to a safety expert for total preparation for the class.  

Sign up Today with Ropes that Rescue or by contacting AHS Rescue

Download this informative flyer from  Ropes that Rescue on the Arizona Vortex Artificial High Directional Workshop at Rock Exotica, April 6-12, 2018.  Registration can be made directly with Ropes that Rescue in Arizona by completing an Enrollment Application. Or you can contact AHS Rescue to learn more and to sign up for this in-depth, comprehensive, high angle rope rescue training course.  

We provide total safety and equipment that lives depend on.  

AHS Rescue has decades of experience and is recognized as a leading supplier of safety training and equipment for rope rescue professionals including emergency responders and rope access workers.  Contact us today to save your spot for this exciting course and to purchase all required equipment for the upcoming Artificial High Directional Workshop.