BlueWater Ropes VT Prusik sold by AHS Rescue

BlueWater Ropes VT Prusik

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Petzl ASAP Lock (International Version)

BlueWater Ropes VT Prusik

Designed in conjunction with Rich Carlson of the American Canyoneering Academy, the VT Prusik is a versitile open-end prusik.  Its super tough and heat resistant Technora aramid sheath covers durable nylon core strands; the kernmantle design holds its cross section and does not bind up and is bar tacked with BlueWater\'s custom Technora thread for undeniable strength.

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The BlueWater VT prusik is specifically used for canyoneering applications. 

Tensile strengths:

  • End to end = 4400 lbf.
  • Basket configuration = 6500 lbf.
  • Overall length 31 inches end to end. 
  • Diameter:  8mm

Made in the U.S.A.

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