Industrial Rescue - RTR

Industrial Rescue - RTR

Industrial Rescue - RTR

The Industrial Rescue Workshop is an in-depth, hands-on course, emphasizing structural rescue from difficult locations in an industrial setting and above ground tower environment. The workshop will differ from other RTR rescue programs in that it will concentrate on both bottom up and top down rescue scenarios (Generally rescue courses concentrate on one or the other). Also, the IRW will employ minimalist approaches to both solo and team-based rescues of individuals using only the AZTEK kit. The workshop shows how effective rescues can be efficiently performed without wheelbarrows of heavy and cumbersome equipment. The IRW addresses important distinctions with both structure-based and ground-based rescue techniques then moves on into in-depth orientation on climbing to a victim above. 

Before the rescue section begins, students learn several ways of safely climbing a structure using time-tested climbing methods, rest positions, and tips for route strategy. All climbing is taught with first-up fall protection and established self belay lines for all subsequent climbers on the structure.


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