Kong Tango

Kong Tango

Aluminum carabiner with double gate safety system.

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To open the carabiner push the rear gate with your palm while pulling the front gate with your fingers. The rear gate is protected in order to prevent accidental opening  against the wall. Specifically conceived for use in via-ferrata sets and adventure parks lanyards.

  • Fitted with Keylock system.
  • High quality product, tested in Italy piece by piece.


SKU # Certification Material Color Shape
71500RPX2KK CE EN 362/BNFPA-PCE EN 12275/KUIAA Alu alloy Keylock Blue 33 10 15 130 Ferrata 136 70 / 19 26
71500BPX2KK CE EN 362/B, NFPA-P, CE EN 12275/K, UIAA Alu alloy Keylock Red 33 10 15 130 Ferrata 136 70 / 19 26
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