Notch Gecko Aluminum Tree Climbers With Straps

Sherrill Tree Notch Gecko Aluminum Tree Climbers With Straps

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Sherrill Tree Notch Gecko Aluminum Tree Climbers With Straps

Lightweight Notch Gecko® aluminum climbers with comfortable padded fiberglass cuffs and Velcro® straps. Tree Gaffs 2-7/8\" long, 4.3 pounds.

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German engineers designed Notch Gecko gaffs to fulfill the comfort needs of modern tree and utility climbing personnel without all the weight and mass associated with traditional-style spurs. Weighing in as the lightest aluminum climbing gaffs available today, the Notch Gecko® climber\'s provide owners with the perfect balance of gaffing effectiveness and product longevity.

The primary feature that affects gaff comfort is the relationship between the human form and mechanical brace. Notch Gecko gaffs aluminum alloy leg shanks were scientifically designed to cup the foot arch, bypass irritating contact with the ankle,and gently brace against the upper shin. Gecko® climbers are sought for their unique simplicity and minimalist features, their adjustable fiberglass shin cuff with Velcro®-attached washable padding, their sleek form, and, most of all,ideal comfort.


  • Uniquely effective and easily sharpened spur design
  • The lightest aluminum climbers currently available
  • Meets the ASTM F887 standard
  • Comfortable, integrated and washable padding system
  • Wide and secure Velcro cinch straps
  • Forged gaffs
  • Contoured design provides ankle relief

    **Please Note: Weight Limit on ALL Gecko® gaffs are 350 pounds WITH GEAR!!**
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