Types of Helmets Required for Tower Climbing Equipment

Types of Helmets Required for Tower Climbing Equipment

It is important for employers to know what type of helmets or hard hats are required for their employees’ personal protective equipment (PPE).  Protective helmets and tower climbing hard hats are required in many construction, climbing and work at height environments.   While it is common to see all workers in a hard hat at a construction site, there are many other instances when an OSHA approved helmet is required.  

People working on towers, electricians, pipe fitters, mechanics, welders, assemblers and warehouse employees are all required to wear proper head protection and receive tower rescue training when applicable.  Most companies such as Salt River Project (SRP) and Arizona Power Services (APS) must provide tower climbing equipment and gear when performing rope access or rope rescue techniques.  

Anytime there is a risk of falling debris or equipment, workers must be wearing the proper head protection.  There are several different types of protective helmets with varying properties used for head protection in specific environments.

When is a Protective Helmet Required by OSHA?

According to OSHA Standard 1910.135(a)(1), employees should wear a protective helmet anytime there is a potential for falling objects to impact and injure the head.  Employees are also required to wear protective helmets when exposed to any potential hazard to the head, including:

  • Flying particles or parts from a conveyor or grinder
  • Exposure to hit the head when walking under pipes, racks, or shelves with low headroom
  • Moving objects overhead from heavy lifting equipment such as cranes
  • Anytime potential contact with electrical wires is present

Climbing and rescue helmets are required for:

  • Tower climbing workers
  • Tower rescue training professionals
  • Bridge workers
  • Window washers
  • Emergency and Fire rescue first responders
  • Many other work at height occupations
  • Tower climbing hard hats used in these and any other required applications must meet American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z89.1.   

Types of OSHA Approved Helmets

Type II helmets as described by the ANSI Z89.1 standard are helmets that provide protection from side impacts as well as protecting the top of the head.  Type II helmets may be required of certain climbing and rescue helmets, depending on the environment.

Some OSHA approved climbing helmets will be rated for electrical protection, and are divided into three classes:

  • Class C are Conductive helmets that do not provide any protection from electricity.
  • Class E are Electrical helmets that provide a significant amount of protection from electrical dangers.
  • Class G or General hard hats do provide some protection from electrical hazards, but class E helmets are required when exposed to electrical hazards.

Tower Rescue Training and PPE

Work at height employees, including tower workers, must be properly trained on all PPE, and the correct use of the proper helmet for the situation.  Employers cannot assume that workers recognize the hazards that require protection for the head.   Tower rescue training is necessary to ensure that all employees understand the proper type of protective helmet to wear, how to properly wear it and when to replace it.

It is the employer’s responsibility under OSHA 1910.132 to provide training to every employee that is required to use PPE.  

AHS Rescue Leader in Tower Climbing Equipment, Gear and Classes

AHS Rescue leads the industry with ANSI approved rope access equipment and SPRAT certified work at height, rope access, confined space and tower rescue training courses.  We provide the safety equipment that meets all requirements, is compatible with certified training courses, and is proven to save lives.  

AHS Rescue has decades of experience in rope access training and equipment, supplying various industries across the country with the best equipment available, including:

Petzl Helmets – Helmets are a very important part of tower climbing equipment and gear.  AHS Rescue offers various styles of the Petzl helmet including the Petzl Vertex Vent, Petzl ALVEO Best, and Petzl Vertex Best, to name a few.  

Full Body Rescue or Work Style Harness Yates Rope Access Professional Harness utilizes lightweight aluminum D rings on each side, chest and dorsal positioning connections, includes removable shoulder pads, a wide comfortable waist pad, a tool pouch for convenience and meets all ANSI and OSHA standards.

Petzl I’D is a self-braking descender featuring an anti-error catch that reduces the likelihood of an accident and an anti-panic function that will activate when the user pulls on the handle with too much force.  The Petzl I’D provides more control during descent, easier movements when on horizontal or inclined terrain, and easy positioning for your work station without tying off the device.

AHS Rescue is a leading supplier of rope access and tower climbing equipment and gear to several industries across the country.  We have decades of experience keeping workers safe in work at height environments.  Contact us today for all your OSHA approved safety equipment and to sign up for certified rope access training.