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Abseilon USA provides the highest quality and standard of safety for all types of work at height and rescue training courses. These courses are tailored and structured to the specific requirements of the client’s industry and their personnel. As a training provider independent of equipment manufacturers Abseilon offers the most effective equipment solution and systems, specific to the needs of the clients operations.

Sharing Our Knowledge

We enjoy what we do, and are constantly striving to quench our thirst for knowledge, as well as share what we know with those who want to learn. Abseilon USA’s certified instructors enjoy sharing their experience and expertise with our clients and students, showing them how they can benefit and make their workplaces safer. We pride ourselves in teaching clients/students by adopting safe systems of work, suitable to their work environment, work tasks and company procedures.

Our Instructors.

Rope Access is a far-reaching industry with technicians from all backgrounds, and our instructors are no different. We have instructors with certifications and qualifications in Rope Access, SPRAT, Rope Rescue, Confined Space, Emergency Response, Tower Climbing, Rigger Training, First Aid and more.

*Classes taught in Spanish upon request.

Training Locations

Abseilon Training most often occurs on site at our Academy located in Phoenix, Arizona. Upon request, we can perform training at your place of work if the setting is more appropriate to the teaching required.

Training Courses

  • SPRAT Level I
  • SPRAT Level II
  • SPRAT Level III

If you are in search of training not listed above, please feel free to contact Abseilon, as they might offer training on a case-by-case basis.

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